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Meffio Technology Limited

An indigenous technology/Manufacturing company registered in Nigeria under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT OF 1990. The company is situated at the City of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Our Vision

Is to research and develop technologies aiming at aerospace technology and lunching our spacecraft from our Nigerian soil.

Our Mission

To develop Nigeria through technology, in power generation, locomotive technology, marine technology, aeronautic technology and aerospace technology.

Core Values

Integrity, righteousness and loyalty to those we serve

About Us

Meffio Technology Limited

Meffio Technology Limited is an indigenous technology/ Manufacturing company registered in Nigeria under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT OF 1990. The company is situated at the City of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

A drive for a technology driven Africa.

Meffio Technology is focused in making Nigeria a sustainable power-generating nation


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We design and manufacture the most Powerful but Light Weight Compact Steam Boilers, Radial Steam Turbines, Turbo Alternators, Automatic Water Pump Controllers, Modular Steam Power Generating Plants, Steam-Electricity

Automatic Water Pump Controllers

This is an electrical device that controls water level automatically without human interface. It rated voltage is between 120 – 220 volt and carries 0.5 to 2.5 horsepower. It senses the level of water in the tank and drives the water pump.

The Meffio Radial Steam Turbines

The meffio Radial Steam Turbine converts Steam pressure and flow from the compact Steam boilers to rotational kinetic energy for mechanical use. It's designed to drive the Turbo Alternator for electricity generation from the meffio technology Steam turbine power generating plant. The radial Steam turbine can also be used to drive other loads mechanically like industrial pumps etc.

Turbo Alternators

an electrical machine designed and manufactured locally by Meffio Technology Limited. It is aimed at converting the rotational kinetic energy from the Meffio Turbine to electricity

Compact Steam Boilers

designed to minimize the amount of heat from combustion processes released into the environment and to enable all gas and liquid fuels burn at complete combustion.......

Our Products

Compact Steam boiler prototype in active mode
Mock Coupling of the Turbo Alternator
Axial Coupling of the Turbo Alternator

Consistency in service and manufacturing research and development

The company was founded on 26th October 2016, by Effiong Effiong Ibiok and Mercy Nyigibo Effiong-Ibiok; with an RC: No. 1369784. Meffio Technology Limited is aimed at being a leading Technology company in Nigeria and beyond in Producing technological devices which will aid to make life easier and simpler.

Technology Manufacturer
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Technology Research

Our Team

We have a management team of fully committed Professionals

Effiong Effiong Ibiok

CEO/ Founder

Mercy Nyigibo Effiong-Ibiok

Managing Director

Betty .A. Odema.

Company Development Manager

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